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I’m Kristy and this is my journey of leaving my birthplace in Sunny Southern California to live on a farm in middle Tennessee.  Slowing down, living the simple life, raising goats, chicken and who knows what else.  Finding the life God has planned for me and letting life take on a new pace.  Now, mind you, none of this has actually happened but I thought you might enjoy the journey and see where life takes us.

A little bit about my life and little family.  

My husband and I were married in our early 20s right after he separated from the Marine Corps and we started our careers.  We have three amazing, independent, loving children.  We are so proud of each one of them in their own journeys.  They are truly the center of our lives…for now.  But just as seasons change, so do our lives and all three of our children are making a life of their own.  It’s time for hubby and I to find our new rhythm.  So, until they settle down and bring me some grandbabies this is our journey…

We have always, and I mean it always, dreamed of living on a farm and raising chickens and goats and since we started our careers so young, an early retirement is just around the corner making this dream a reality.  My hubby is from the South, not far from middle Tennessee, and he tells me he can teach me the ropes of Southern Living.

For the past two years we have been actively visiting local, and not so local, farms learning what is involved with taking care of the animals, scouring the internet and reading books.  On our last visit to a small homestead farm, the Book Family Farm, we spent the day living in the life of a farmer.  Farmer Book was extremely informative.  He taught us all about the chickens, from hatching and brooding to vaccines and, well, “pasty butt.”  He taught us about his goats, and cows and what it means to do cow sharing (even though I don’t think we’ll ever be as ambitious as to own a cow).  

After several hands-on farm visits and after several years of dreaming and researching, we have decided that this is the next journey and chapter that God has for our lives.  We wanted to invite you along so you can see from dream to reality what steps we took.  I’ll share with you the research I did purchasing land, building our modern farmhouse vs. restoring a vintage one, getting a brood of chickens and a trip of goats and what it takes to keep them happy and healthy.  I’ll also share with you my love for my garden, the holidays, all our family traditions and recipes handed down from my grandmother and great aunts and of course my lovely mom.  

I hope you join us on our journey!


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